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Dance,  Ithaca,  Ballroom,   Latin,   Swing,   Hip,  Hop. Ithaca, is the,Swing capital of, New York, State, and Ithaca, is major on Lindy,  Hop, Latin, and  Ballroom; taking, Dance,  Classes.  Ithaca, has great Choreographer, Dance News, and a professional dance master.
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Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian
Orientation Dance Specials are 4 complete classes for $ 20.00
Welcome to dancing in Ithaca !  This is the Dance ithaca Links Page, and the pictures,  and underlined titles, ie. Ballrom Dance Classes Ithaca,  you are to move your mouse over and click.  Moreover, every other aspect to both dance and Ithaca's connection to dance is also included.  Never-the-less, the dance scene, the dances and most of all the various services offered represents a better future for dance in Ihtaca.
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Hip Hop Dance Classes Movie Star Photos, Posters and More.
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Swing to Lindy Hop Dance Classes
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Barbara Theusen
Steven Hyde
Children's Dance Hour
A New Math:  Dance Ithaca = Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy
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Swing to Lindy Hop Dance Classes
Women' Circle Dance Troupe
Dance in Ithaca Promotes Good Mental Health.  See Ithaca Socials:
Private Dance Competition Lessons Ithaca.  Ballroom Dance Champions. Latin Dance Champions Destinations. The Ithaca Dance Directory.
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All American Dance Troupe
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